17 iunie 2011

[PARTEA A II A] Din Anglia pentru Te Japka : Jurnalul unei diavolite by Ingrid !

By on 6/17/2011 11:36:00 p.m.

Asa cum am promis Te-Japka este un blog deschis oricarui mic-jurnalist care are ceva de spus si impartit cu cititorii nostrii.Ingrid este exemplul care a hotarat sa ne spuna despre experienta ei din Anglia in urma cu cateva saptamani iar acum vine cu o noua fila din jurnal!

Articol 2:

Stiu ca a trecut o vreme de cand nu am mai scris dar am preferat sa astept momentul potrivit. In mod normal ar fi trebuit sa am un articol despre marea finala de pe Webley dar nu am putut sa scriu. A fost o experienta mai mult decat neplacuta sa iti vezi echipa pierzand dinou impotriva unei echipa pe care mai de mult ii bateam. Vreau doar sa mentionez ca nu am fost de acord de loc cu primul 11 a lui Manchester United si banca de rezerva a fost si mai socanta. Consider ca daca juca Berbatov ar fi fost totul altfel. Nu il poti pune pe Hernandez sa joace pe postul lui Berba el fiind mult mai putin tehnic si mult mai scund. Dar faptul este consumat , ii batem la anu’.

O stire minunata pe care am sa o spun este ca oficial am luat examenul de antrenoriat al Federatiei Engleze de Fotbal. Deci pot afirma ca sunt o antrenoare calificata ceea ce ma face foarte fericita. Saptamana trecuta am avut ocazia sa vizitez un prieten in Londra si sa ii vad academia de fotbal. A fost o experienta minunata deoarece am putut antrena si eu o echipa de copii. Nu a fost usor dar copii au inceput sa ma placa foarte repede si totul a decurs usor. Am putut arbitra si un joc ceea ce a mers foarte usor deoarece copii au fost foarte disciplinati si talentati.

In final doresc sa mentionez cu mandrie ca echipa mea de acasa, Fc Bihor a reusit sa promoveze in prima liga. Felicitari.

PS: Acest articol a fost scris in avion in drum spre casa.


I know it’s been a while since I wrote my first article but I was waiting for the right moment. Obviously it would have been normal to write the next article right after the Champions League final but I just couldn’t. Needed some time to realize what happened, that my team lost sadly. The only thing I have to say about that game is that I COMPLITELY disagreed with the Manchester United lineup and especially with the reserves. I honestly think Berbatov could have made the difference. Why would you play Hernandez on Berbatov’s position when he is obviously a different type of player with a different style? But this is it; we will take them down next year.

One of the great news that I would like to share with everybody is that I finally passed my coaching exam so now I am officially Miss Coach. It really makes me happy to know that I have my FA Level 1 coaching degree. Last week I actually had the opportunity to coach at my friends’ football academy in London. It was marvelous. I had so much fun, I was able to coach alone a group of kids and to referee a game later. Was just a great experience that made me realize once again that I chose the right pathway in my life and that I will be great at what I’m studying.

In the end I would like to mention proudly that my home team just got promoted in the First Romanian League. I am really proud of them.

Ps: This article was written on the plane on my way home.

Miss Coach

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4 japkomentarii:

  1. Good way to start with a sad news of yours and ended up with some excellent news. Congrats Miss coach. A person can reach success in his/her carrier if he/she does something what his/her mind wants to do.You are going through the well desired path of yours. Wish to see you as a coach of Man U in near future. Finally good luck to your home team.
    Enjoy your vaccation

  2. Foarte bun articolul Ingrid :* ai inspiratie buna cand esti la inaltime ;)) :* (Emi)

  3. Congratulations Miss Coach Ingrid and to your home team as well on their promotion. I enjoy your articles and you always leave us wanting more enjoy the off season :)

  4. Hey Miss Coach, well done on the FA Coaching certification, well deserved for your/my hard work
    been a pleasure working with you on that
    Very nicely written article....no congratulations to Barca thou....
    Congratulations to FC Bihor, game on next season!!
    I await the next article with anticipation...so hurry hurry...get writing!!


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